Weeping Angels

The sketchdaily theme for today was 28 Days Later or zombies or concrete.  I picked concrete and did a study of some weeping Angels from Doctor Who.  I used some new brushes trying to get that concrete feel.  These are the brushes Felix loves to use that I just can’t get a handle on.  Coulda worked longer on it but today is cleaning day and I am actually going to clean instead of procrastinate.


Reference image.

In addition Illustration Friday’s theme was reflect, soooo I reflected the image for a sneaky double post.  Yes the lighting doesn’t make any sense but you know neither does the Doctor.



Memorable Dream/Fluid

I use to have a reoccurring nightmare when I was a kid that I was on a volcano and lava and a giant boulder were chasing me down the hill. I think it came from a combination of the magnificently terrible game Wacky Blasters and Indiana Jones , except, I was watching it like a sidescroller video game. Weird.

Well here is a cinema 4d and photoshop mash-up for sketchdaily’s Memorable Dream topic and Illustration Friday’s Fluid topic.


A spider twirling it’s prey.  Yum.  A cross post between Illustration Friday and r/sketchdaily.  Hopefully  I will be able to add some more highlights and shadows tomorrow.  I started this as my warm-up for a different personal project, but I guess I just let this be my procrastination for the day.

Reference here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rainforests/5769587095/lightbox/

Here is the latest.

I couldn’t get the link to work so here is the pen sketch.  Huzzah.