School School School=Cell Phone Photos

The MPDD program has been taking up all of my free time and I have been missing having a creative outlet.  I’ve decided to take more cell phone photos.  It is a simple, quick way to keep in touch with the artistic side AND practice my composition.  A cell phone photo is also a reminder to stop and enjoy the process instead of rushing to the result.  I pass many interesting sites on my commute, why not take the time to document a few?  I am not going to be a purist and I’ll edit my photos as I see fit.  Why not?

Made possible by my Mom’s inspiration (happy B-day mom <3) and my new functioning cell phone.  Photos by Alexa Buter below.


Idea from class

In one of my continuing studies classes we had an idea of an environment in a bus stop that would create heating.  There would be these units hanging from the ceiling and when you interact with them they start to glow and heat up.  It is meant to encourage stranger interaction as a way to keep warm at the bus stop.


Now all I can think of are two messed up blue balls.  Anyway more work to be done.