Idea from class

In one of my continuing studies classes we had an idea of an environment in a bus stop that would create heating.  There would be these units hanging from the ceiling and when you interact with them they start to glow and heat up.  It is meant to encourage stranger interaction as a way to keep warm at the bus stop.


Now all I can think of are two messed up blue balls.  Anyway more work to be done.

Accidental Art

accidental art [Converted]accidentalartlrg


My version of accidental art is when the CAD program does what it wants instead of following commands.  Artios does this all the time because we have an older version… and I hate it.  Once in a while the preview function of the fillet in solidworks is beautiful. I’ll screen capture it next time.  Then again whenever I can do anything successfully in solidworks it’s beautiful :).


bunnydrink-felix one


I started a portrait drawing then painted the face.  Felix tweaked it a bit and added the background.  Fun collaboration.

At first I really thought I nailed the colors in the face, then I zoomed out and was mildly disappointed.  Trust me get down in there and there are loads of color layers happening! Work darker next time Bliss!  Listen to Felix!