owlsmWe only have one tablet and as of late I have felt overly attached to drawing with it.  Felix has a great portrait he is working on so I braved the great big world of drawing on paper.  How quickly I got stuck to the tablet and all of its digital glory!  Well here is my late night drawing. The first in a long time.  I didn’t know how to start so drew the bottom phone first, which has multiple giant cracks in it (Just like in real life). Good fun and a great reminder to loosen up and go back to my pre-digital roots.

One wing low?

Started doing some logo sketches and ideas for my friends amazing band One Wing Low but got side tracked with this:


That is right Massholes of Bostonia!  I was drawing chickens while comfortably in midwest winter and meanwhile you were covered in snow and without power.  This might be the only time I can brag about the winter in Chicago.  So there it is.  Broken chicken in a wagon.  Your welcome! Chicago does not suck.

UPDATE: With some color.  Remember folks be careful when you drink and draw.