Shawl for Irina

Making a shawl for Irina with my free time on the bus.  It is almost finished! Just in time for Christmas.  I just have a few more rows of detail colors to add.  Main part is based on Anna’s Shawl then I just did random stitches for the colors.  I also realized I should have made it in something thinner than worsted weight but oh well.crochet_irina_shawl_detail crochet_irina_shawl

Solidworks Fairy

Modeled a fairy because I like whimsical childish art things.  Done in Solidworks for some practice, but not constrained so wouldn’t last a second in the real world.  Feliks might try to mess with it in C4d for fun.  I have a cold and it is making me loopy.

fairy_1That shoulder is driving me nuts but it was a quick project and I don’t have time to fix everything that’s wrong all the time.  Also, I’d make the bottom of the dress concave and mess more with the hair line.