Cleaning. More old stuff.

I was tidying and sorting through some stuff when I came across my portfolio from college!  Some of the paintings are horrifically embarrassing but some of the images I still have some fond memories of making.

I am sharing my favorites as to not let these get lost into time.  The originals are long gone and all I have are some printouts that magically haven’t been destroyed since 2005.

IMAG0398This one was always one of my favorites as I loved painting the animals at the time.  This was a set of behemoths (green) in the hold of Noah’s ark with some friendly rhinos, a hippo, some weird looking elephants, and an ugly bug.



This skydiving dog got me a lot of praise at the time.  I think it was the personality/face of the dog.


IMAG0403These last two were based on some stories from Aesop’s fables.




Dear Abby

Dear Abby,
I am going through a mid life crisis and I could really use your advice.  I am lacking motivation. I haven’t worked in over a year and sleep most of the day.  I am desperate for attention but often choose to be alone. I wake up on the couch, or even worse, in the closet, even when there are people around. Sometimes I guess I just feel more comfortable in the closet. I also have a weight problem. The only time I get up is to check if any food has appeared or to make sure my roommate isn’t eating.  If I think I hear the fridge open I literally run to check it out.  My other guilty pleasure is preening my hair.  Does that make me vain?  Sometimes I wake up and find that I have puked on the floor.  WTF is up with that?  Abby, can you please help me?  I am kinda freaking out…
Moose the Cat