Lack of posts and old school image

So I have not been posting recently because I have been super busy with some freelance work!  Yay!  I have been creating some 3d renders and Solidworks models for two different companies on top of trying to get some personal work done, volunteering with Chicago Bike Buddies and having a full time job.  I love being busy.

An old sketch from the past did pass my way and I thought I’d share.  A few years ago i was into combining human anatomy with other things, mainly plants.  This one however I tried to combine metal with anatomy on an 18x 24 or whatever sheet.  It is totally lost for the ages and only a crappy phone pic left! I’d love to make and finish some like this.misc 070


A spider twirling it’s prey.  Yum.  A cross post between Illustration Friday and r/sketchdaily.  Hopefully  I will be able to add some more highlights and shadows tomorrow.  I started this as my warm-up for a different personal project, but I guess I just let this be my procrastination for the day.

Reference here:

Here is the latest.

I couldn’t get the link to work so here is the pen sketch.  Huzzah.