owlsmWe only have one tablet and as of late I have felt overly attached to drawing with it.  Felix has a great portrait he is working on so I braved the great big world of drawing on paper.  How quickly I got stuck to the tablet and all of its digital glory!  Well here is my late night drawing. The first in a long time.  I didn’t know how to start so drew the bottom phone first, which has multiple giant cracks in it (Just like in real life). Good fun and a great reminder to loosen up and go back to my pre-digital roots.

One wing low?

Started doing some logo sketches and ideas for my friends amazing band One Wing Low but got side tracked with this:


That is right Massholes of Bostonia!  I was drawing chickens while comfortably in midwest winter and meanwhile you were covered in snow and without power.  This might be the only time I can brag about the winter in Chicago.  So there it is.  Broken chicken in a wagon.  Your welcome! Chicago does not suck.

UPDATE: With some color.  Remember folks be careful when you drink and draw.


Traveling sketchbooks

A year or so ago my friend Nicole and I tried to create a set of artist notebooks. The idea being to doodle in it for as much or as long as you like and on each drawing you write the date and town or state where the drawings were done, then leave the notebook somewhere for another person to find or pass the sketchbook off to another person who would use it. Nicole hand made the books with recycled paper from work and a spiral binding. Below are a couple drawings I used to start off a few books.  I doodled them on a 24 hour train ride from Chicago to Boston and left them in stations where we stopped. Great idea. Little results from this test.

Also, I hope to have some new sketches up this weekend.  Busy Bliss.